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Elizaveta Kozlova is a NYC-based art and portrait photographer whose work has been presented at the Louvre Fifth Annual Exposure Award in 2015. She has been employed nationally and internationally as a fashion and portrait photographer. She has worked for such organizations as The Metropolitan Opera and The New School in New York, Branksome Hall School and Aprilage Inc. in Toronto. Her art photography work involves an exploration of nature through the prism of chiaroscuro technique as seen in the ANTE PERPETUUM series. 

Elizaveta is open to employment and exhibition opportunities in NYC, where she is currently based, as well as globally.


You can book a shoot with Elizaveta using the contact info or the form below.

+1 (347) 264-2937 (USA)

+34 630 835 459 (Europe)

Instagram: @dreamlizaphoto

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