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Ante Perpetuum (Before Forever) is a series of images created by Elizaveta Kozlova in July 2022. The monochrome photographs decontextualize fragments of driftwood. Discovering the extensive amount of driftwood on the banks of the Hudson River inspired Elizaveta to capture the striking expressivity of its shape and texture that will soon be destroyed by time, wind and water.

Prints are currently on display at Kuro Kirin (4795 Broadway, New York, NY 10034).

To inquire about purchasing the prints on display or placing a custom order, please email

Ante Perpetuum 4_by_Elizaveta_Kozlova.jpg
Ante Perpetuum 2_by_Elizaveta_Kozlova.jpg
Ante Perpetuum 3_by_Elizaveta_Kozlova.jpg
Ante Perpetuum 1_by_Elizaveta_Kozlova.jpg
Ante Perpetuum_by_Elizaveta_Kozlova-2.jpg
Ante Perpetuum 6_by_Elizaveta_Kozlova.jpg
DSC09297 copy.jpg
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